Talk About A Dream


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By Christopher Philips y Louis P. Masur
464 pages.
Book with the best interviews from 1973 to 2013.

Language: English.

Exceptional compilation with the best interviews that Bruce has done since 1973. All the key interviews with the best journalists compileds here by the Backstreets Magazine editor Chris Philips and writer Louis Masur. An essential volume to understand Bruce's evolution along the years. 

It contains the following interviews (in his original language, in English): 

Author / Published in / Year of publication

Barbara Schoeneweis, The Asbury Park Evening Press (1973) 
Robert Hilburn, Melody Maker (1974) 
Ed Sciaky, WMMR (1974) 
The Lost Interviews (1975) 
Ray Coleman, Melody Maker (1975) 
Robert Duncan, Creem (1976) 
Dave Herman, King Biscuit Flower Hour (1978) 
Dave DiMartino, Creem/Backstreets (1980) 
Dave Marsh, Musician (1981) 
Roger Scott and Patrick Humphries, Hot Press (1984) 
Chet Flippo, Musician (1984) 
James Henke, Rolling Stone (1992) 
Neil Strauss, Guitar World (1995) 
Bob Costas, Columbia Radio Hour (1995) 
Gavin Martin, New Musical Express (1996) 
Judy Wieder, The Advocate (1996) 
Will Percy, DoubleTake (1998) 
Mark Hagen, Mojo (1999) 
Patrick Humphries, Record Collector (1999) 
Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly (2003) 
Christopher Phillips, Backstreets (2004) 
Nick Hornby, The Guardian (2005) 
Phil Sutcliffe, Mojo (2006) 
Dave Marsh, Backstreets (2006) 
Christopher Phillips, Backstreets (2007) 
Scott Pelley, 60 Minutes (2007) 
Mark Hagen, The Guardian (2009) 
Elvis Costello, Spectacle (2009) 
James Henke, Backstreets (2010) 
International Press Conference in Paris (2012) 
Robert Santelli, (2013)