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Soundtrack to Michael Moore's documentary "Songs and Artists That Inspired Fahrenheitt 9/11". Includes Springsteen's live version of Chimes of Freedom (from 1988) plus Little Steven's I'm A Patriot, and others. 

Little Steven - I Am A Patriot 
Bruce Springsteen - Chimes Of Freedom 
Bob Dylan - With God On Our Side 
Zack De La Rocha - We Want It All 
System Of A Down - Boom! 
Nightwatchman - No One Left
Pearl Jam - Masters Of War (Live)
Dixie Chicks - Travelin' Soldier
John Fogerty - Fortunate Son (Live)
The Clash - Know Your Rights
Steve Earle - The Revolution Starts Now
Black Eyed Peas/Justin T. - Where Is The Love?
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah